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What FreshDesk services are included with TechPeer?

We specialize in FreshDesk setup, customizations and optimizations. During the pandemic, we have all seen the importance for businesses to have a capacity to scale your customer relationship. Centralizing data where needed, and allowing your sales and customer support to have all the information they need to assist clients or prospective clients. Our company can help you with your FreshDesk implementation. Our experts can be mobilized quickly. We will look at your existing customer relationship infrastructure, and look for opportunities to improve customer retention, sales, and customer support.

Consolidated history

A powerful CRM like FreshDesk, should help you consolidate all your customer's interactions history, all in one place. This will help you increase your customer retention, and customer experience with your brand.

Consolidated history

Our People Matter

A thriving business needs thriving employees. For us at TechPeer, our employees health and wellbeing matters; our employees not only contribute to the growth of our organization, but at the same time they are using their skills, knowledge, and talents to achieve personal fulfillment.

Need help with your FreshDesk setup?

Having the most optimum tool setup for your business will help you automate, and gain in productivity. Get in touch with us.